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The SÖLL Vi-Go vertical cable system available from Sperian

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The latest addition to the Miller product range, by the Sperian range of engineer solutions, is the SÖLL Vi-Go. The SÖLL Vi-Go is a vertical cable system which can be retrofitted onto existing climbing devices such as ladders and rungs.

The SÖLL Vi-Go is made up of minimal components that make it easy to use and install. It can support up to eight workers at one time, and can be used in a wide range of environments such as vibration, wind, rain and heat.

The SÖLL Vi-Go features a smooth travelling system and a dual locking mechanism. This renders the fall arrester particularly safe as it has been designed to eliminate incorrect use, preventing accidental unlocking of the unit from the cable.

Various features of the SÖLL Vi-Go include:
• A cable tensioner with three integrated functions
• Versatile intermediate brackets to prevent excessive movement
• Option of manual or automatic brackets
• Two different mounting clamps in galvanised or stainless steel
• Cable end parts including a cable thimble available for 8mm or 10mm system along with a cable sling and pluggable rope ends

The SÖLL Vi-Go system consists of high quality materials with corrosion resistant finishes.
Various applications of the Vi-Go system include wind power generation, power supply, telecommunications, utilities, oil rigs, shafts and manholes.

The Söll Vi-Go is a globally approved system that complies with AS/NZS 1891.3.

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