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Standards approved SCBA equipment from Sperian Protection

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Sperian Protection  offer three new SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) units. These respiratory protection equipment offer a variety of benefits to users from all industrial and fire fighting industries. The products have recently achieved Australian Standards approvals to AS/NZS 1716:2003 (Lic. 21516).

The three new respiratory protection equipment from Sperian Protection include Fenzy X-Pro, Fenzy AERIS and Fenzy BIO-S-CAPE.

Fenzy X-Pro:
Developed and designed in collaboration with fire-fighting professionals, the Fenzy X-Pro utilises the latest technologies to create an SCBA which is resistant to extreme temperatures.

The Fenzy X-pro has been designed with features including a swivel adjustment on the back plate, which allows the SCBA to follow all movements of the top half of the wearers back, and an articulated waist belt, which follows the hip movements of the wearer in all positions.

The back plate also features a height adjustment allowing the SCBA to suit different body sizes. With a Quick –Fix System that can quickly transform a single cylinder SCBA into a twin-cylinder SCBA, the Fenzy X–Pro also includes integrated HP and MP hoses fixed inside the back plate to avoid deterioration.

The Fenzy X-pro includes the OptiPro full face mask, which provides full panoramic vision, and the SX Pro first breath demand valve with positive pressure. This demand valve is compact, ergonomic and provides high level of breathing comfort and a quick response time even with high flow ventilation.

The SX Pro demand valve can be connected or disconnected while wearing gloves and does not disturb the wearers’ field of vision. The Fenzy X-Pro is easy to maintain and offers a cost and time effective alternative to other SCBAs.

Fenzy AERIS:
Ideal for all industrial SCBA applications, the latest addition from Sperian Protection to their SCBA line is the modular and adaptable Fenzy AERIS. Developed from a totally new system, the AERIS features a new high/medium pressure reducer which includes reliable compensated piston with two MP outlets, designed with ease of maintenance.

A new harness which encompasses Nomex backing cushions on the shoulder straps and back plate ensures comfort and ideal weight distribution during use. The Aeris also features an automatic demand valve and a pressure gauge with double graduation in bar and MPA. The Fenzy AERIS is supplied with the Biomask full face mask, and is an ideal choice for industrial SCBA applications.

The Fenzy BIO-S-CAPE Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA) is ideal for all industrial applications and has also been an ideal choice around the world in the shipping industry.

The Bio-S-cape comprises a carrying bag, pressure reducer valve with automatic activated air flow, hood which is waterproof and flame retardant and includes automatic half mask adjustment and either a 10 minute or 15 minute 200 bar cylinder.

The Bio-s-cape works when the user puts the hood on and then opens the bag containing the air cylinder, which triggers the pressure reducer valve. Air in the cylinder is immediately released and a constant flow of air inflates the hood and provides breathable air to the wearer for 10 or 15 minutes (depending on the cylinder) to allow escape in emergency situations.

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