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Sperian elevates standard of fall protection products

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Ensuring the ultimate safety for workers has always been at the forefront of all Miller products, the ideal brand in global fall protection and confined space equipment.

Sperian  is committed to providing value-added fall protection products and services to all end users and the regular adherence to and education of all new safety standards.

As part of this ongoing commitment, Sperian has raised the bar even higher with its range of harnesses and lanyards certified to the recent standard AS/NZS 1891.1 2007.

Sperian is committed to the protection of people at work and in as much adhere and refer to the ongoing changes in standards and regulations while actively participating in the global committees that help to shape these standards.

The new Standard AS/NZS 1891.1:2007 pertains to new performance requirements for fall protection equipment and will affect decisions made about equipment usage in the workplace.

What does the new standard mean?

  • All harnesses must now have a frontal fall arrest connection point
  • The ability to test and certify belts for any purpose has been removed
  • Linesmen’s belts have been defined as lower body harnesses and will now be replaced with new models that include leg straps and a frontal fall attachment point
  • A new testing procedure will be introduced for double lanyards based around the lanyard surviving misuse in the field
  • Increase in the strength requirements of hook latches
  • When workers want to work in restraint, they will need to use fall arrest equipment

The Miller equipment now marked with the new standard will ensure safety of the workers. A further example of the value added service is the Miller T.I.P.S. compliance educational package that has been developed to identify and assure a safe environment when working at heights.

What does T.I.P.S. represent?

Professional Fall Protection Training – The key to worker safety, on-site awareness and the proper selection and use of fall protection equipment.

Equipment Inspection and Maintenance- All equipment must be in top shape; the doubtful equipment must be thrown out.

Proper Product Selection and Use- All work environments differ; the right equipment must be used for the job.

Meeting voluntary inspection standards indicates a respect and adherence to ensuring all products pass accepted testing procedures.

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