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Sperian Protection (now part of Honeywell) launch the new PICGAURD protective gloves

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Needle stick and puncture resistant, the high performance protective gloves from PICGAURD are revolutionary.

Studies from by Victorian Work Cover Authority show that, hundreds are infected with diseases such as hepatitis B, C and HIV are linked to nearly 1 million healthcare workers suffer needle stick injuries each year. the number of claims for needle stick injuries in Australia rose 12.6 per cent between 1996-97 and 1997-98.

PICGAURD protective gloves are safe enough to use in a variety of work places and eliminate the risk of needle stick and puncture injury, without compromising on comfort or dexterity.

The unique layer design features several layers for extra protection:

  • Para-aramid fibers to resist cutting and polyurethane
  • Ceramic coating to defend against punctures and needle sticks.
  • Extra protective area at the palm and fingers to safeguard against operations in which an operator may come in contact with syringes, hypodermic or glass needles, broken glass, razor blades or metal wire.

Allowing the gloves to be worn comfortably for several hours of the day, the PICGAURD Polyester viscose lining is antibacterial and heat-regulating and finally finished Coolmax polyester, keeping the gloves light and consistently breathable at all times.

From situations such as collection and sorting of household and electrical wastes to nuclear recycling plants, the PICGAURD protective gloves are safe to use with its high EN388 certified standards and thin enough at only 0.5mm thick to use under all other gloves on the market.

For more information, please contact Sperian .

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