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Sperian Protection Updates Chainmesh Aprons

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Sperian  Protection introduces the updated versions of two products in the chainmesh range of aprons and tunics.  

Sperian is a specialist in the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for industrial and commercial environments.  

Sperian announces new updates to their chainmesh apron and tunic to comply with European standard 13998.  

The standard requires specific dimensions for proper chest protection as well as blue straps and hardware for greater ease in detection in food if dropped or chipped.  

Lamex Plus chainmesh aprons are manufactured using a unique mesh design consisting of small aluminium platelets connected to four welded stainless steel rings. The chainmesh apron provides workers with maximum strength and flexibility along with level 2 stab protection.  

Designed to protect exposed areas such as the chest, abdomen, groin and upper thighs, the Lamex Plus chainmesh apron comes equipped with a belt as well as wide, adjustable and detachable plastic or textile straps.  

ChainexLite aprons and tunics are lightweight as well as ergonomic in design and manufactured using ultra light and supple chainmesh for superior wearer comfort.  

ChainexLite chainmesh tunics and aprons offer a high level of protection from cuts even in highly hazardous conditions.  

Quick fastening plastic straps offer multiple attachment points and non-slip plastic adjustment for long-term wear.    

Maintenance recommendations for optimal hygiene include scrubbing the chainmesh products in 50ºC soapy water or in a mixture of hot water and detergent.  

The chainmesh aprons and tunics can also be machine washed and rinsed in water at a minimum temperature of 82ºC.  

Only products approved by food safety authorities must be used to disinfect chainmesh products.  

Sperian Protection is now part of Honeywell.

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