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Sperian Offers QPi by Howard Leight for Advanced Hearing Protection and Intelligent Communication

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article image QPi for Advanced Hearing Protection and Intelligent Communication

Sperian , the specialist in hearing protection devices introduces the new QPi from Howard Leight for industrial workers.  

Howard Leight’s QPi is a new line of intelligent communication devices and hearing protection systems developed especially for workers in industrial environments.  

QPi by Howard Leight can be relied upon to balance workable noise levels with advanced hearing protection and intelligent communication.  

While it is extremely important to ensure advanced hearing protection in noisy environments, workers must also remain aware of their surroundings by being able to communicate clearly in all situations.  

Originally designed for US military and NATO forces, the robust yet lightweight QPi hearing protection system and communication device ensures users are protected from hazardous noise while having full directional hearing.  

The QPi combines superior hearing protection and advanced communication technologies in one device to enable users to perform effectively and safely on the job.  

Key components of the QPi include a headset with microphones and loudspeaker, a control unit and a radio cable that is compatible with most two-way radio devices.  

The QPi can be used with all ground, vehicle and aviation helmets as well as personal protection gear.  

The QPi earpieces contain two miniature microphones and a loudspeaker so that voices are picked up and sound is reproduced within the ear canal. This ensures the user’s voice is clearly identifiable when transmitted over radio.  

Active noise cancellation eliminates low frequency noise for enhanced hearing as well as protect against exposure to continuous noise.   

Highlights of the QPi hearing protection and communication devices

  • Unique impulse noise response and sound leakage alert capabilities
  • When the QPi earpieces are placed in the ear, the device immediately tests for and alerts workers to any sound leakage
  • Once the earpieces are correctly in place, advanced digital technology analyses all surrounding sound and continuously adapts hearing levels to provide full protection
  • Workers with QPi protection can also easily minimise disturbing sounds or amplify sounds where necessary
  • QPi rapidly responds to hazardous noise by shutting out harmful sound within 0.1 millisecond of its detection to protect against significant hearing loss threat posed by impulse noise
  • QPi automatically re-opens as soon as safe noise levels resume
  • Ensures users are fully aware of their environment and can respond effectively in critical situations

QPi by Howard Leight is designed for intelligent noise protection that ensures workers maintain complete situational awareness while enhancing workplace capability and reliable hearing protection.  

Sperian Protection, a specialist provider of personal protection equipment (PPE) is now part of Honeywell.

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