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Sperian Approves All Safety Eyewear Models In Accordance With Updated Standard

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Sperian  (now part of Honeywell) recently announced that it has re-tested and approved all Sperian safety eyewear models in accordance with the updated eye and face standard AS/NZS 1337.1:2010. Published on the 28th June 2010, this new standard requires manufacturers to retest all safety eyewear products within 12 months of the release of the standard (28th of June 2010) in order to comply with new requirements and ensure that all products are protecting the user’s eyes and faces to the latest and most up-to-date standards.  

As part of their ongoing commitment to personal protection and workplace safety, Sperian has re-tested, updated and approved all Sperian models of safety eyewear to comply with some of the following new changes to the AS/NZ 1337.1:2010 standard:  

  1. The headform has been changed to match the European Headform. This may affect eyewear passing the new standard in terms of meeting coverage requirements, as the new headform differs from the old.  
  2. Manufacturers have the option to mark products using the old standard (eg I for Medium Impact; C for Splash Resistance etc) or the new marking requirements matching the EN standard (eg F for medium impact; 9 for Splash resistance etc)  
  3. A new Extra High Impact Clause has been added for face shields – 6.00mm steel ball at 190 m/s or a 6.35mm steel ball at 175 m/s  
  4. New mandatory test where Eyewear, Goggles & faceshields must not ignite or continue to glow when a steel rod heated to 650°C+/- 20°C is placed against the surface of the test sample for a 5 second period
  5. Photochromic, Polarised and Gradient tint lenses have been added to the lens types

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