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Set a new alarm with the new Sperian ToxiPro Gas Monitor

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Sperian  Protection, suplliers of personal protective equipment, have introduced new three window Biosystems ToxiPro gas monitors to their instrumentation product range.

Designed to monitor atmospheric hazards in a low cost and highly effective system, the ToxiPro gas monitors are fully serviceable and re-usable monitor with a host of exciting new features, including:

  • The ToxiPro single sensor gas monitor now features a new alarm system which is available as 3 visual alarm windows, providing workers with increased safety and peace of mind
  • The new ToxiPro has a 10% louder audible alarm than previous models and features customisable sound pattern and set points.
  • The ToxiPro also comes standard with a vibrating alarm.
  • Each alarm window comes standard with both high visibility yellow and red alarm LED’s. In a warning condition, the yellow lights will flash and the lights in three windows will chase. In a danger condition, the red LED’s will flash and the lights in all three windows will chase.
Rugged and waterproof, the new ToxiPro alarm features make the unit even safer when working in potentially hazardous environments. The visual, audible and vibrating alarms, provide workers with a warning that can’t be missed of the need to evacuate a dangerous environment.

The Biosystems ToxiPro by Sperian is also IQ dock compatible allowing simple and automatic bump testing and calibration of instruments, downloading of data and significant cost savings in gas.

The New Toxi Pro 3 window single sensor gas monitor will be available mid February. Get the new ToxiPro working alongside you and the team today.

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