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Roof Workers Kits - fall protection equipment, available from Sperian

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Honeywell Safety Productions Australia (previously Sperian ) offers three different types of Roof Working Kits available to provide fall protection equipment for all types of roofing jobs. Each Roof Working Kit contains a harness, a webbing tie-off and an anchorage line with a type-1 fall arrestor in a hand carry bag or backpack.

Domestic and professional roofers are constantly at risk of falling, slipping or tripping when installing roof frame and its cladding.  When appropriate measures aren’t in place, it can result in serious injuries that can significantly affect a worker’s health and mobility.

To minimise the risks, suitable fall prevention equipment should be worn at all times from any height over two metres.  Honeywell Safety Production Australia’s Roof Working Kits include all the required equipment for fall protection, which includes a harness, a proper fall arrestor, lanyard or anchorage line.  The harneses in the Roof Workers Kits include attachment points at the front and rear of the harness to allow flexibility when selecting a suitable anchorage point.

Tips for correct installation of anchorage lines to ensure fall protection:

  • Anchorage points should be pre determined before commencing work on any roof as they allow connection to an anchorage point on the opposite side of the roof to which the person is working.
  • If an anchorage point is not readily available there are temporary points, designed specifically for domestic or commercial roofs, which can be installed.
  • The Type-1 fall arrestor on the anchorage line connects to the worker’s harness and arrests a fall within millimetres.
  • Webbing tie offs allow for  an anchorage point to be created – for example if there is an overhead beam a worker can use the beam as the anchor point, wrap the webbing tie off around the beam and attach either a lanyard or fall arrestor as needed.

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