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Pulsafe XC safety eyewear available from Bacou-Dalloz

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Safety eyewear is worn by millions of workers every day, for completing numerous tasks in a wide range of industries.

Many workers also wear prescription eyewear and are faced with the battle of finding a safety spec which fits comfortably with their prescription glasses.

If safety glasses are not worn and substituted for the workers prescription glasses it can be quite a risky business.

Fashion in eye glasses tends to lean toward small lenses, which do not provide adequate protection in a work environment, and with little coverage, there is a high likelihood that a flying object could easily get through a gap between the wearers glasses and their face causing considerable and sometimes irreversible damage to the eye.

Prescription glasses also do not provide impact resistance against flying particles or objects, so the glass could be easily shattered and penetrated again causing severe eye damage.

For this reason, safety eyewear lenses are manufactured from polycarbonate, which provides impact resistance, and safety specs must meet coverage requirements to ensure the wearer is fully protected at all times.

There are a couple of alternatives available in safety eyewear for wearers of prescription glasses.

Goggles or over specs which fit over the top of prescription glasses are an option, although many workers find this uncomfortable, especially when safety eyewear needs to be worn for long periods of time.

However, there is a new comfortable alternative to safety eyewear and prescription glasses which has been developed by Pulsafe, with the XC spec.

The XC is rated to medium impact AS/NZS 1337 and can accommodate a small metal RX insert that can be fitted with a prescription lens and simply clipped to the inside of the safety glasses.

This eliminates the need for the wearer of prescription eyewear to have two pairs of glasses and creates cost savings for companies who can now have the one style of spec for all workers.

The Pulsafe XC available from Bacou-Dalloz ensures a perfect fit for all wearers of safety eyewear, as it is a fully adjustable spec with a ratcheting arm system that allows the spectacles to adjust for both height and temple length to guarantee a perfect fit.

The 9 base-curved, high coverage lens is easily replaced, offering not only complete wraparound protection but also a longer product life, as the lens can be replaced without changing the entire frame.

The XC is available in 6 different lens styles including clear, grey, dark grey, mirror, silver and amber and as lenses can be replaced, workers can alternate lenses if they desire using a clear lens indoors and a grey lens outdoors while still using the one RX insert fitted with their prescription.

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