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Protective Eyewear with Photochromic Lenses from Sperian

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article image Protective Eyewear with Photochromic Lenses

Sperian makes the transition to photochromic lenses in its range of safety glasses.

Switching eyewear is often regarded as a hassle for workers who are required to move between indoor and outdoor environments, resulting to the avoidance of wearing appropriate safety eyewear and putting themselves at risk of injury.

Unlike standard lenses used in protective eyewear, photochromic lenses instantly adjust to changing light conditions and are engineered to switch from a clear lens to a grey lens when exposed to UV light, eliminating the need for workers to carry a separate pair of safety glasses for outdoor use.

Safety glasses with photochromic lenses darken on sunny days, depending on the level of UV brightness, and will gradually reduce to an ideal lens shade on overcast or cloudy days. This ensuring the correct level of protection at all times in changing lighting conditions.

Workers can rest assured that they will always receive the correct amount of visual protection when wearing safety eyewear with photochromic lenses – no matter the type or time of day.

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