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New models of SmartFit earplugs

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article image The striking blue color of SmartFit Blue makes it highly visible, an asset both for recovery, should the earplug be dropped, and for compliance checks

HOWARD Leight's popular SmartFit reusable earplugs are now available from Bacou-Dalloz AustraliaPty Ltd in three new models--two detectable versions and one with a cotton fiber cord--that are ideal for a variety of process industry applications.

SmartFit earplugs conform to the contours of the wearer's ear canal for improved comfort, especially during long-term wear. This provides a personalised fit for the price of an off-the-shelf product.

Stephen Streatfeild, VP/GM for Bacou-Dalloz Australia, says he extended the SmartFit line to meet the specific needs of process industries. The new models reduce the chance of a stray earplug contaminating the process or the product, while bringing all the comfort and protection of the SmartFit line to industries where hearing safety is essential, says Mr. Streatfeild.

SmartFit Blue (SLC80 Class 2/16 dB) is a visually detectable model that is appropriate when metal detectability is not required. The striking blue color of this earplug makes it highly visible, an asset both for recovery, should the earplug be dropped, and for compliance checks. SmartFit Blue is also a viable choice for traditional SmartFit users who require a fixed, rather than detachable, cord.

For industries such as food processing where contamination by foreign objects is of primary concern, a fully visual and metal detectable hearing protection device is required. Howard Leight's SmartFit Detectable earplugs (SLC80 Class 2/16 dB) include a metal band on the earplug shaft and attached metalised cord for full metal detection, while the blue color of the earplug and cord aids in visual detection.

Howard Leight has also developed a new hearing protection option for industries with zero tolerance requirements, like tobacco and pulp and paper. SmartFit Process Industry earplugs (SLC80 Class 2/16 dB) feature an attached cotton cord, which allows for the earplugs to be worn around the neck when not in use, and aids in easy detection and retrieval should the earplugs be dropped. The earplugs are packaged in a paper bag to further minimise the risk of plastic contamination.

All three of the new models employ advanced Conforming Material Technology, which uses body heat to adapt the earplugs to the shape of each wearer's ear canal. This innovative technology provides optimum protection and comfort for longer wear time and increased compliance.

Streatfeild says that users report the earplugs are easy to insert, and actually get more comfortable the longer they are worn. The earplug moulds to left ears differently from right, creating a near-custom fit from an off-the-shelf product.

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