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New Miller TechLine temporary horizontal lifelines available from Sperian

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article image Miller TechLine horizontal lifelines can support up to two workers at a time

The new Miller TechLine from Sperian is a quality temporary horizontal life line (HLL) that offers the ultimate in safety when working at heights.

Miller TechLine horizontal lifelines have been engineered for used in applications where overhead anchorage is not present. This height safety system has numerous new and improved features and includes all the necessary hardware, components and instructions for complete installation.

These horizontal lifeline systems can support up to two workers at a time and feature a 16mm polyester high visibility low stretch lifeline for improved performance and reduced deflection. With a high abrasion resistance, the lifeline offers durability for tough conditions while reducing fall clearance requirements.

Miller TechLine horizontal lifelines include two heavy-duty cross arm straps that secure the lifeline to an anchorage point using a self-locking snaphook. The height safety equipment also features a connecting ‘O’ ring that connects a lanyard or self-retracting lifeline to the horizontal lifeline for increased worker mobility while working at heights.

In order to reduce fall arrest forces in the event of a fall, the Miller TechLine fall arrest equipment also includes an In-Line Shock Absorber that has been designed to limit forces to 11.2kN. A zinc plated Line Adjustor is used to adjust the length of the rope to indicate proper pre-tension as well as maintaining proper tension.

TechLine horizontal lifelines have been designed to be quick and easy to install for improved productivity. Miller TechLine systems are lightweight, portable, and are supplied in a water-proof bucket for easy storage when not in use.

The Miller TechLine by Sperian Protection is certified to OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements.

For worker safety when working at heights, the new Miller TechLine Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System from Sperian Protection can be trusted.

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