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Howard Leight earplugs for hearing protection available from Sperian

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Howard Leight have been providing the correct hearing protection for workers through their extensive range of earplugs. The same technology and safety that is always respected continues to be available through the Howard Leight range of single-use earplugs.

Easy to choose, the Howard Leight range, available from Sperian , offers the best fit and protection for every working environment. Laser Lite earplugs are made from polyurethane foam, featuring a contoured T-shape for easy handling and wear. The Laser Lite’s self-adjusting foam is easy to roll down and expands to fit virtually every wearer offering users comfortable long term wear.

Featuring bright pink and yellow colours, Laser Lite are highly visible earplugs, allowing for at-a-glance determination of worker OH&S compliance, and are available for use uncorded or with polycord. With a SLC80 25db Class 4 rating, Laser Lite earplugs are suitable for use in any environment from 100dB to less than 105dB.

Featuring the popular tapered shape for easy insertion, the recently updated 300 series tapered earplug has a smooth PVC-free hygienic outer surface that eliminates irritation allowing for longer wear comfort, and are suitable for use in low frequency applications.

With the striking new Leight Stripe: yellow and white striped design for increased visibility, this bright polyurethane foam 300 series is immediately recognisable, and is available in both large and small sizes to fit the majority of workers. The 300 series is available in both corded (SLC80 24db Class 4 rating), and uncorded (SLC80 22db Class 4 rating) options for added convenience and OH&S safety compliance.

The Howard Leight single-use range of earplugs also includes:

Max, bell-shaped single-use earplug featuring an improved design for easier insertion, and a smooth soil-resistant skin which prevents dirt build up.  Max is rated SLC80 226db Class 5.

X-Treme is a brightly coloured tapered earplug, also available in a corded option, and is rated SLC80 22db Class 5.

Max Lite is suitable for smaller profile workers, and features the popular T-shape contour for easy insertion. Popular with female workers, this SLC80 25db Class 4 earplug is made from low pressure foam which expands gently for comfortable long-term wear.

The MultiMax is a dual coloured 2 sizes in 1 earplug, which offers double the choice without having to change plugs. Rated SLC80 24db Class 4, the self-adjusting foam expands to fit virtually every wearer.For added safety and convenience, Howard Leight earplugs are also available as detectable and as multi-use earplugs, and all Howard Leight earplugs are approved to Australian and New Zealand standards.

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