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BOTH Howard Leight and Bilsom hearing protection brands will be marketed under the banner of Bacou-Dalloz Australia .

The move follows the 2003 global realignment of both leading hearing protection brands within the Bacou-Dalloz Group, with Howard Leight focusing on earplugs and in-ear protection, while Bilsom offers passive and electronic earmuffs.

Since that time, both brands have introduced dozens of new products and are changing the direction of the industry.

"Bacou-Dalloz now offers the most complete range of hearing protection devices in Australia," said VP/GM for Bacou-Dalloz Australia, Stephen Streatfeild.

"With Howard Leight focusing exclusively on earplug design and Bilsom engineering other hearing safety tools, we can take best advantage of emerging material technologies and help advance the science."

Since its beginnings as a one-man operation more than 30 years ago, Howard Leight Industries has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of in-ear hearing protection in the world and is widely recognised as an innovator in protection and fit.

Bilsom was founded in Sweden in 1968 and leads the industry in developing innovative sound management technologies that are used in some of the world's most challenging environments.

Popular Howard Leight products include Max, the most-used polyurethane earplug in the world and SmartFit multiple-use earplugs with advanced Conforming Material Technology, which uses body heat to adapt the earplugs to the shape of each wearer's ear canal.

Bilsom recently incorporated a new, patented Air Flow Control technology into several of its models that provides a more consistent attenuation across all octave bands, particularly in lower frequencies.

"Hearing protection is rapidly evolving beyond just blocking noise," said Mr Streatfeild. "We're moving to a more sophisticated approach using devices that are more comfortable and user friendly, offer multiple attenuation levels and are targeted to specific work environments."

Stephen Streatfeild cited several examples including Howard Leight's new Matrix earplugs and Bilsom's new Clarity line of earmuffs featuring a patented uniform attenuation technology that blocks out harmful noise while warnings, alarms, and co-workers' voices can be heard more naturally.

Matrix earplugs, which are based on a revolutionary new dual-density foam construction process, are easier to insert and more comfortable to wear than traditional plug designs and are available in two attenuation levels for different applications.

"What we've been able to do in combining these product lines is take the best from each and make them better,” explained Mr Streatfeild. “Plus, we've been able to incorporate some dramatically new designs and technologies to develop totally new products."

"This is a very exciting time for us," said Mr Streatfeild. "We now offer the widest range of hearing protection solutions for nearly any industrial noise environment."

Combining the innovation and expertise of Howard Leight earplugs and Bilsom earmuffs, the Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group is a world leader in hearing safety.

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