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Chainex range of gloves, aprons and tunics available from Sperian

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The Sperian Protection Chainex range, available from Sperian , includes gloves, aprons and tunics which offer safety, functionality and comfort.

Chainex chainmesh products are suitable for use in meat works, meat process lines, kill floors, meat deboning, poultry works and fish processing. These products are made from quality stainless steel to strict ISO 9002 safety standards.

Made from quality mesh, each chainmesh glove consists of approximately 10,000 individual and 300 assembly rings. These gloves are also light, ergonomic, and fully reversible. Chainex range of gloves includes:

  • ChainExtra - reversible stainless steel or titanium gloves with detachable wrist straps for increased user comfort with no lateral slit on the glove.
  • ChainExpert - features a “spring” style strap, which adapts itself to any wrist shape due to its natural elasticity. There is no lateral slit on the glove. ChainExpert gloves are available in a range of cuff lengths, as well as long armguard or hand to shoulder. ChainExpert and ChainExtra gloves are also available in titanium for ultra light weight.

ChainEx aprons and tunics are light in weight and ergonomic. The ChainEx range of aprons and tunics offers protection from cuts in hazardous conditions also. Quick and easy to fasten plastic straps keep the aprons in place, and all aprons feature two fastening points from the back, at the top and bottom.

ChainexLite is made from ultra light and supple chainmail with 0.7mm stainless steel rings. The ChainexLite aprons and tunics are approved to level 2 stab protection.

ChainexTwo features a tight mesh of high resistant 0.4mm stainless steel rings. The ChainexTwo is approved to level 2 stab protection, ensuring better protection against sharp knives.

TuffShield series of gloves, suitable for the meat processing industry offer higher cut resistance and low-linting properties.

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