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Honeywell announces new wireless technology for safer, more efficient terminal operations

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Honeywell Process Solutions  has released a new wireless technology solution designed to facilitate safer and more efficient terminal operations. 

Honeywell’s OneWireless Terminal Solution takes wireless beyond tank gauging, bringing together a portfolio of wireless-enabled products, services and productivity tools tailored for terminal operators.

Honeywell’s new OneWireless Terminal Solution enables operators of oil and gas terminals to increase their productivity while also complying with stringent health, safety and environment (HSE) regulations, all at significantly lower cost than wired technology.

Ray Rogowski, global marketing director, Honeywell Process Solutions explains that there is constant pressure on terminal operators and owners to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and security with limited capital and operating budgets. The OneWireless Terminal Solution enables customers to achieve these goals within their budgets.

He adds that terminal operators are investing in tank automation to meet new safety regulations as well as continuously looking for ways to manage costs. Wireless-enabled tank gauging is less expensive, at about half the cost of the wired alternative.

OneWireless Terminal Solution includes ISA100-compatible Honeywell Enraf SmartRadar FlexLine, the high-precision wireless radar gauge that uses its integrated radio to send tank level measurements securely and wirelessly to the central control room. The FlexLine is also used as a data concentrator, collecting data from local tank instruments and sending the data wirelessly through the same ISA100 network.

Taking the solution beyond tank gauging, the OneWireless Terminal Solution includes additional applications such as Honeywell’s mobile productivity tools (Field Advisor, Mobile Station and Experion Mobile Access), helping with the adoption of operator driven reliability (ODR) programs and enabling operators to complete activities more efficiently and safely.

Applications also include wireless fixed and portable gas detectors and wireless video, including Honeywell’s Digital Video Manager to enhance plant security and process monitoring. A mid-size petrochemical facility, for instance can save more than US$1 million each year from ODR and these wireless applications.

Honeywell’s OneWireless Network enables all of these applications, which can be tailored to offer ISA100-only coverage or ISA100 and Wi-Fi coverage. Unlike competitive offerings, the OneWireless Network can implement Wi-Fi and ISA100 instrumentation coverage in a single network, realising an additional 25% cost savings in material, installation and maintenance costs over other wireless solutions.

OneWireless Terminal Solution also includes Honeywell’s industry-leading engineering and after-market services.

According to Richard Thompson, general manager-Honeywell Enraf, Honeywell invested early on in the OneWireless product suite to allow customers to focus on their primary business, rather than the technology. Honeywell OneWireless allows data traffic to be seamlessly managed across multiple solutions and multiple wireless standards.

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