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Honeywell and Dresser-Rand to implement Experion PKS Turbomachinery Control Solution

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Honeywell Process Solutions  has entered into an agreement with Dresser-Rand to implement the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) Turbomachinery Control Solution in a wide range of control applications. Dresser-Rand is a global leader in providing custom-engineered rotating equipment solutions.

As part of the agreement, Dresser-Rand will embed its proprietary intellectual property in the Experion C300-20 controller to control compressors and turbines.

Proprietary or ‘black box’ technology commonly used in the past for turbine and compressor controls was difficult to interface with other system components and cumbersome and expensive to repair or upgrade. Performance could be compromised as the systems aged and parts became obsolete, limiting the view of plant personnel into the process and machinery. Additionally, with disparate, proprietary control schemes, facilities often had to invest in specialised spare parts, and provide individualised training for maintenance and operations workers.

With the Experion PKS Turbomachinery Control Solution, facilities benefit from an open, unified control platform that delivers turbine control, compressor automation, compressor anti-surge protection, and general plant and safety controls.

According to David Scheef, director of Marketing, Strategic Business Units at Dresser-Rand, the Experion PKS Turbomachinery Control Solution enables OEMs like Dresser-Rand to securely deploy their intellectual property in the C300-20 controller for use in rotating equipment applications. He explains that the industry is moving toward increased visibility of all plant equipment with this solution helping to propel them towards that goal.

Bret Walter, Honeywell engineering consultant, rotating equipment/ turbomachinery explains that the Experion PKS Turbomachinery Control Solution enables customers throughout the process industries to gain a robust, tightly integrated control capability, which will optimise control and visibility into critical plant equipment.

Key benefits of Experion PKS Turbomachinery Control Solution:

  • Consolidates plant equipment controls on a single platform, eliminating integration problems
  • Open control platform can be easily maintained and upgraded if necessary
  • Improves process visibility and safety
  • Maximises customer’s automation technology investment by having all their turbomachinery controls located within the platform for improved maintenance, historisation, control and safety

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