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Wanneroo Kart Hire to fit Honda engine in all its race karts

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Rev heads looking for an affordable entry into motor racing need look no further than Pro Kart endurance racing, a marathon white knuckle event providing continuous racing for up to 12 hours, offering all the thrills of Bathurst.

Purpose-built and light weight Honda -powered race karts, have soared in popularity at Wanneroo Kart Hire in Western Australia, who currently run a growing fleet of 12 specialised karts for budding racers.

According to Wanneroo Kart Hire owner, Michael Laughton, the popularity of endurance racing is growing, bolstered by the performance and low start-up costs of Honda-powered karts.

Four-stroke engine endurance racing is getting bigger. Wanneroo Kart Hire is getting requests to put on more karts because they cannot keep up.

Wanneroo Kart Hire has actually had other clubs invite them to put its karts in their tracks so they can run them.

All endurance karts are fitted with two advanced four-stroke Honda GX 200 engines mounted on either side of the driver.

The Honda engines are ideal for endurance racing; its karts have been set up specifically for them. One of the main drawcards is the fuel efficiency.

The twin engine Honda four-stroke will run for four hours using 36 litres of petrol-that is two engines, versus the 75 litres of fuel a single two-stroke takes to do the same amount of hours.

Based on those figures, twin engine Honda powered karts will travel around 71 kilometres on a litre of fuel, whereas the equivalent single engine two-stroke kart will only cover around half this distance, on the same amount of petrol.

The fuel savings are remarkable and demonstrate the advantages of using the four-stroke engines for an endurance race.

Offering swift acceleration, razor-sharp handling and 52 second laps, endurance racing offers plenty of excitement for thrill seekers which is evident by the surge in demand.

Wanneroo Kart Hire is finding the twin engine karts competitive, if not quicker than the two-stroke karts.

And the reliability is ten times better, which is important in an endurance race – you cannot win if you do not last the distance.

Wanneroo Kart Hire offers an impressive race track of about 1025 metres in length, with 18 corners and five straights providing plenty of challenges for the aspiring Mark Webber.

Offered in four race lengths to suit the driver, endurance racing can last anywhere from four hours through to a demanding 12 hour marathon, with at least two drivers per team taking turns.

Pit stops occur once every hour for a minimum of two minutes, allowing for a fuel change, chain lube, and tyre check and driver changeover.

According to Michael, the use of Honda engines has not only enabled the operation of endurance racing, it has made for a comfortable and affordable ride.

The noise and vibration is much quieter with the Honda four-stroke and the fuel efficiency speaks for itself.

Also operating sprint karts and kiddie karts for hire, Wanneroo has a ride for almost everyone, with an upgraded fleet on the way.

Wanneroo Kart Hire is going to convert all its karts over to Honda. At the moment they have a number of two-stroke engines on its hire karts.

Wanneroo Kart Hire currently has around 50 Honda engines in its karts, including some GX 120s in the kids' karts. Wanneroo Kart Hire is keen to phase out all the old engines and order more Honda, especially considering the competitive pricing.

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