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WT30 Trash Pump available from Honda Power Equipment

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It comes as no surprise that the past few years have presented some troubling times for outback Australia, as families and businesses come to grips with the devastating effects of one of the long droughts in history.

But one family man from Hay in south central New South Wales has a new found spring in his step, bouncing back with a few smart business decisions and the purchase of a new Honda pump, not long after loosing his farm, business and his job in the space of only a few years.

Closing the doors to his sewage pump business several years ago due to dwindling work, marked the beginning a tough run of luck for Adam Murray, his wife, and six children.

Despite being lucky enough to find some work crop dusting, this too came to a grinding halt due to the dry conditions, which was compounded by the sale of his farm.

With no other prospect than to travel to a mining job over 350 kilometres away for weeks on end, Adam decided to look up a few old customers, and with the help and support of the community, he was able to re-establish his sewage pump business.

"I did a 'ring-around' to some old clientele and the response was outstanding to say the least," Adam said.

Trading as Murray's Liquid Waste Removal, Adam purchased a Honda WT30 Trash Pump and says it was the ideal decision he could have made to get his business back off the ground.

"It was definitely a gamble because the drought was still in question, but the Honda pump required minimal outlay and it has paid dividends," he said.

Choosing the Honda after witnessing their reliability while working in the crop dusting industry, Adam said the pumps worked well and he had no hesitations in purchasing one.

"Almost all the pumps used at the crop dusting company were Honda, and whilst some of them were very old, they really proved themselves," he said.

"I take my hat off to the people at Honda who designed the WT30, because honest to God, it is probably the most efficient pump that I've used, it is just outstanding."

Originally trained in water and sewage through the Hay Shire Council where he spent nine years, Adam also enjoyed a short spurt at the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), where he claims both employers enjoyed Honda products.

"I've had a fair bit to do with Honda through the RTA and the Shire because Honda are just considered to make very reliable pumps, with very reliable motors," he said.

Raising six children, Adam knows a thing or two about mischief, so it comes as no surprise to him, when he discovers various items during the course of his day's work.

"With kids and toilets, everything goes down the toilet," Adam explains, "matchbox cars and that sort of thing, with the old pump it used to buck, but the Honda will pull anything, nothing the kids throw at it will phase it."

The WT30 Trash Pump from Honda Power Equipment delivers a pumping capacity of 1,300 litres per minute, and its 30 millimetre head gives it the scope to pull all manner of debris.

"With septic tanks you really don't know what you are going to get, but the Honda just handles anything," Adam said.

"And it is so well designed, that if you do get a blockage, the quick release wingnuts make it just too easy. What would take an hour on the other pump would only take about 10 minutes. It is four bolts, you pull the housing off and the blockage will be right there, all out in the open, no flying blind," he added.

Adam has also been impressed by the pump's advanced four-stroke GX240 engine, which provides smooth and quiet operation.

"The noise is the big thing. Where the old diesel would be revving its head off, the Honda just does it easy," he said. "It's worth its weight in gold to tell you the truth."

While still working locally in Hay with his solid base of clients, Murray's liquid waste removal is slowly expanding, with enquires as far as Deniliquin, Swan Hill and Griffith, giving Adam promise for the future.

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