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Honda releases a range of new EU generators

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Saturated with wonderful imagery from media and travel shows of picturesque and unspoilt landscapes, more and more people are leaving their plane tickets at home and taking to the road to become immersed in the outback and rural scenery.

Combined with the ever increasing luxury available to the mobile traveller in campervans and motorhomes, a heightened eagerness to explore one's own backyard has emerged in recent years, especially for retirees.

Where a drive through the dusty countryside once went hand in hand with dark hot nights and meals cooked on the open fire, today modern caravans and motorhomes are equipped to provide well beyond essential services.

While not to take away from a traditional night under the stars in the swag, a little bit of luxury can be afforded with the simplicity of a reliable generator.

Providing caravanners with power for anything from lighting and kitchen appliances through to air conditioning, televisions and laptop computers, for the more indulgent traveller, generators have become part and parcel of today's outdoor adventures.

Making a quality generator even more accessible, Honda has recently released EU10i and EU20i generators.

According to Honda Power Equipment, Honda's advanced four-stoke generator range is ideal for a wide selection of applications and has become a favourite for life on the road.

Honda’s EU range of generators is held in high regard due to their outstanding reputation for reliability, efficiency, quiet operation, easy starting and low whole of life costing.

Honda found they are popular among the on-road travellers; with different size, weight and power outputs; they are suitable for tent-goers through to the luxury motorhome owner particularly in the depths of the Australian outback, there is limited power supply and the temperature can soar well above 40ºC, making air conditioning a must.

Rated at 1000 watt AC / 12 volt 8 amps DC and using inverter and sine-wave technology for safe use with frequency and voltage fluctuation sensitive equipment, the EU10i is ideal for powering laptop computers, globes, caravan fridges and televisions.

Combined with an operating noise level of just 52 dB (A) and weighing a manageable 13kg, the generator would not risk upsetting the tranquillity of the outback.

Also equipped with Honda's load dependant Eco-Throttle which maintains engine speed and power output at an efficient level under all loads, the EU10i can provide up to eight hours of continuous operation on a full fuel tank.

For extra power, the 2000 watt AC / 12 volt 8 amp DC, EU20i generator is perfect for those who desire all the luxuries of home, including air conditioning, hot water, hair dryer, toaster, microwave, fridge and television.

Weighting just 21 kg, the EU20i, with Eco-Throttle engaged, can be operated continuously for 15 hours on a single tank of unleaded fuel, easily providing a long night of air conditioned comfort.

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