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Honda raises technology benchmark

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article image Honda's humanoid robot Asimo.

HONDA's latest small engine range release delivers advanced and innovative engine technology.

Popular with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the Honda engine range consists of more than 200 advanced four-stroke model configurations including both air and water-cooled variants.

Capacities range from light and compact 25cc, 1hp (.81kW) units, to powerful 1235cc 24hp (17.7kW) systems.

Honda OEM manager Ray Briffa said the company's broad product range spanning cars, motorcycles, power equipment and marine products gave it a significant technological advantage over competitors.

"Cooperation in research and development across all Honda departments certainly benefits our engine range and helps position it as a technological leader," Mr Briffa said.

"In a recent collaboration with the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Honda successfully developed an amazing new Brain Machine Interface, for manipulating robots using brain activity signals. Then of course there's Honda's famous humanoid robot Asimo.”

An example of technology and know-how filtering down from Honda's research and development team for use in small engines is the iGX440 'intelligent' engine, released in Australia late last year.

The iGX introduced a host of unique features including an advanced Drive-By-Wire (DBW) control system, allowing one-touch connection between the power product's switch and the engine, via a coupler connection for remote controlled engine speed adjustment.

This for example will allow a pressure cleaner powered by the iGX440 engine, to switch the engine on when the trigger is squeezed, and either completely shut down or go to idle, when the trigger is released.

Honda's latest V-Twin engine range also benefits from interdepartmental development to provide an extremely reliable, durable low noise/vibration and fuel efficient engine line-up.

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