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Honda helps Sun Salt in salt production

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With the help of Honda MPE , Sun Salt, a Mildura-based company, is removing around 30,000 tones of salt, using nine Honda WT30 and WT20 pumps. This is done to reduce salinity both locally and further down the Murray River in South Australia.

Sun Salt specialises in the production of salt of various grades, from the award-winning pink 'Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes', to much lower quality salt suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications including road stabilisation and plastic production.

Bores tap into the underground saline waters or 'brines' 15 to 20m below the red soils and transfer the same into several crystallisation ponds where the liquid gradually evaporates, leaving the salt behind.

Although the process sounds relatively simple, according to Sun Salt operations manager, Leighton Schmidt, the brine pumping process is critical. "We use nine Honda WT30 and WT20 pumps to transfer the brine," he says, "it's important that once we identify the quality and concentration level in the brine, we act quickly to ensure quality control is maintained for the particular salt product we're searching for."

"The pumps are fitted with 20l fuel tanks allowing us to pump continuously for up to 24 hours straight – we need reliability and longevity because the pumps are often working all day, and we don't always perform maintenance on them as per the 100 hour service intervals."

Honda's advanced four-stroke WT30 and WT20 pumps are capable of pumping as much as 1300l and 650l of liquid debris per minute respectively, but perhaps the pumps' most attractive quality for this harsh application is marine grade componentry.

"Corrosion in the pumps is minimised through the use of marine grade aluminium allowing us to achieve around five years service from each one," Mr. Schmidt said.

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