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Honda generators provide powerful backup

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article image Honda generators are ideal backup power for most home appliances.

INCREASING demand for power in the hot conditions has the potential to leave many regions of Australia without power, causing productivity and stock losses to domestic and business users.

In late October, regulator National Electricity Market Management Company (NEMMCO) released its Statement of Opportunities report, which showed that the Victoria-South Australia energy market faced a power shortfall of 500MW over summer.

While electricity suppliers are trying to minimise the likelihood of blackouts, the proliferation of air conditioning systems across the country means there are no guarantees of a trouble free summer, particularly in heat wave conditions.

According to Power Equipment Manager, Bob Donaldson, domestic consumers and businesses can ensure power interruptions are kept to a minimum by running a backup power supply.

"Unfortunately power outages in Australia, particularly during summer, have become more frequent in recent years as people reach for their air conditioners and a multitude of other home appliances during a string of hot days," said Mr Donaldson.

"A generator is a relatively inexpensive way you can be assured of business continuity and the elimination of inconvenience in the home - if there are electricity disruptions, a generator will quickly pay for itself.

"Businesses including newsagencies, vets, doctors and dentists where lights, eftpos and security are required to continue to function, are well advised to have back up power."

Honda has a large range of lightweight and whisper-quiet, advanced four-stroke generators, ideal for powering household appliances, sensitive electronic devices and larger food and beverage storage equipment.

The generator range begins with the 700W ac, 12V/10A dc EX7, weighing only 12kg and capable of powering smaller appliances such as a television, stereo, light and camping fridge.

If power is needed for sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, 'Pure Sine Wave Output' technology for smooth power delivery is recommended.

This feature is standard on Honda's EU inverter models, which start with the 1000W ac/8A dc EU10i.

For extra power, Honda's 2000W ac, 12V 8A dc EU20i model weighs just 21kg, less than half the weight of conventional generators.

The EU20i can be operated continuously for 15 hours on a single tank of unleaded fuel and is capable of powering a fridge or microwave oven.

At the top end of the EU range is the EU30is model with 3000W ac/12A dc output and the convenience of electric start to provide backup power for air conditioners and most home and business appliances.

For added efficiency, the EU Inverter range is equipped with a load-sensitive ECO-Throttle system. This innovation automatically adjusts the engine's RPM to generate exactly the amount of power required by the appliance, thus reducing fuel consumption and noise levels.

Honda's more powerful EM50is and EM70is models are the largest capacity inverter generators in their class.

The EM50is has a maximum output of 5,000W ac and its rated output is 4,500W, while the EM70is delivers a maximum output of 6,500W ac, with a rated output of 5,500W, sufficient to power large household appliances or workshop power tools.

Honda also manufactures a large water-cooled generator, the EX5500, which is capable of powering most appliances in the average home or business simultaneously.

"It makes sense to be prepared over summer rather than experience blackouts and the associated loss," said Mr Donaldson.

"A generator will provide peace of mind, and the Honda range is well suited to a large majority of household and business applications."

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