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Spending one's working life on the road travelling through some of the hottest climates in Australia, Tex Nicholls had one small demand- the ability to sleep in the comfort of an air conditioned van.

Traversing WA's goldfields predominantly in the state's North West as an over-width and over-length truck escort driver, Tex endures temperatures as high as 47º C, only finding relief under an air conditioner, powered by his Honda EU30is generator.

Specially fitted to his campervan on the back of a Ford, F250, Tex has set the generator up with a remote start and 35lt fuel tank, to ensure not only the prolongment of his cool comfort, but the ability to turn it on without having to leave the van.

With a 3 kVA output, the EU30is easily powers the air conditioner and a myriad of appliances that helps keep Tex on the road.

Tex says that initially he was only after power for the air-con, but now he has got a microwave, toaster, fridge, grill and kettle, and the Honda has no trouble powering the lot. He chose the Honda EU30is because he needed at least 2.8 kVA to power the air conditioner, but it has worked out really well, enabling him to use other appliances.

Many other generators with that much power create too much noise, but the Honda is really quiet. Tex cannot hear it inside; the air-conditioner is louder than the generator motor.

And it is fuel efficient. Certainly cheaper than having to pay for an air-conditioned hotel room every night.

After a long stint on the road driving trucks from the young age of 16, one can understand why Tex is considering selling his home in Port Hedland and becoming permanently mobile.

And the fact that he can be completely self contained with the help of the Honda EU30is, really goes to show that he does not need his house anymore.

Tex has used the Honda generator to keep his caravan cool for seven years worth of long summer nights, and it has done well over 12,000 hours.

When you are on the road for up to 150,000 kilometres a year, you do not have time to stop for servicing and repairs, which is why the longevity of the Honda is so important, he said.

The Honda generator incredibly reliable; he only gets it professionally serviced once a year and he can easily change the oil himself.

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