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Honda four-stroke equipment used by Skilled Mowing

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A Tasmanian garden-care operator is set to expand and tackle the industry's major players, offering unrivalled customer service and a groundbreaking machinery policy.

Skilled Mowing has made it a policy to always go the extra mile for customers, and this successful strategy has seen the business develop into franchise opportunities.

Launching Skilled Mowing in Northern Tasmania after finding people in the area were unsatisfied with the performance of other garden maintenance companies, it saw an opening in the market, forging the creation of Skilled Mowing.

Skilled Mowing's policy of providing superior customer service, has seen its client base expand to include both domestic and commercial customers all over the region.

Skilled Mowing does the entire domestic side of garden maintenance, from a small block of units, right through to huge landscaped areas.

Skilled Mowing services range from pruning the roses and cleaning the gutters at family homes, to landscaping traffic islands and road side slashing.

The business has been operating for about 14 months now, and given the success so far, Skilled Mowing is preparing to set up franchises.

One of the things that sets us apart, is the fact that Skilled Mowing is including strict operating guidelines into its franchise agreements, which incorporate the provision of using only Honda four-stroke equipment.

With an equipment list spanning the entire advanced four-stroke Honda power equipment range, including UMK435 Brushcutters, HRU217D Buffalo Lawnmowers, HHB25 Blowers and HHH25 Hedgecutter, Skilled Mowing comments that Honda offered the business a number of advantages. Honda four-stroke are considerably quieter than two-stroke engines, saving the employees' and the neighbours' ears. It is also impressive to be able to promote to Skilled Mowing’s commercial customers that it can provide reduced office disturbance due to the diminished noise.

And four-strokes do not blow smoke like their two-stroke counterparts, making the equipment more environmentally friendly, and again offering another great promotional tool.

Another area of importance for small business operators is controlling costs, and in comparison to equivalent two stroke products, Honda power equipment consumes considerably less fuel and oil, allowing significant savings, particularly amidst the current high fuel prices.

According to Skilled Mowing, these defining features gave Skilled Mowing the edge and an important point of difference over other garden maintenance companies.

Reliability and operator comfort has also been a big motivator for Skilled Mowing in becoming so committed to the Honda range.

Skilled Mowing needs to know that when it pulls the chord, it will start every time, and so far, the equipment has not missed a beat.

The Honda equipment is also well suited to all day commercial use, as it is lightweight and easy to hold and balance.

The Skilled Mowing crew do all its own servicing, finding that an oil change and air filter clean is all that is required to keep the equipment running perfectly.

Skilled Mowing wants the quality of its garden maintenance work to be reflected in the manner in which they conduct the entire business, professional and well presented and to this end Honda fits Skilled Mowing perfectly.

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