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Honda adopts new engine rating system

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Honda, the engine manufacturer, has adopted a new engine rating system that will provide consumers with genuine output figures, allowing them to more easily select Honda power products to best suit their needs.

Honda will now quote all engine figures at net horsepower (hp) and kilowatts (kW), as per the society of automotive engineers (SAE) J1349 procedure, rather than using the SAE J1995 standard which quotes maximum hp or kW.

The net power figure better represents actual performance, differing from the previous SAE J1995 standard of rating horsepower, which is measured without either an aircleaner or muffler fitted to the engine. This results in an inflated output figure that can not be replicated in real world conditions with all ancillary engine components fitted.

Stated power output ratings for Honda engines and power equipment have subsequently decreased marginally, however, the engines themselves remain unchanged.

Customers can therefore expect identical performance and the quality and durability that they have come to expect from Honda.

Honda has also taken the opportunity to change the way of indicating torque values, which will also be measured at net, along with fuel consumption (changes from g/kW.hr to L/hr) and fuel tank capacity.

There is a risk when buying products that quote maximum power, because they may not function satisfactorily or to customer expectations.

Consumers who may require a new 5.5hp engine to drive a water pump or pressure cleaner for instance, could be bitterly disappointed to find that the engine they have bought is really only good for 4.8 or 4.9hp.

This may lead to compromised performance, with the worst case scenario being that the engine may simply not be suitable, and by this stage it is used and more difficult to return.

Honda's adoption of the net hp ratings is part of a worldwide Honda initiative that brings all Honda product categories; automobiles, motorcycles, marine, power equipment and stationary engines, into line.

Honda has already begun the transition of all relevant documentation such as catalogues, website and owners' manuals to reflect the new output ratings. Product decals will also be modified.

Honda is raising awareness in the Australian market with this initiative.

After careful consideration, Honda has come to the conclusion that net output ratings are the true way to measure engine performance and provide consumers with genuine output figures.

More details are available with Honda MPE.

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