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Honda Power Equipment range of products helps minimise fire risk

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Honda Power Equipment Early bushfires in many parts of Australia in recent weeks are a vivid reminder that the fire season is well and truly upon us and with it, the potential for property and livestock losses and even human casualties.

A dry winter and soaring temperatures have lead to an early start to the bushfire season, and as with past years, during this season it's expected that dry fuel loads will also be high, posing increased fire risk.

According to Honda Power Equipment, home owners particularly those living in rural areas, and leafy metropolitan suburbs, needed to eliminate fire risks around their homes and properties immediately, if they had not already done so.

There have already been significant bushfires affect areas of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia this year, earlier than anticipated and this is a clear warning of what could potentially be another severe fire season.

For residents in both rural and suburban areas, there are many simple precautions that can be taken to minimise the fire risk in the months ahead, and these measures should be seen to as soon as possible.

Grass around the home and property needs to be cut short, undergrowth removed, fine ground fuels such as fallen leaves and twigs be disposed of, and gutters cleaned of debris.

Residents in higher risk rural areas should also consider installing an engine-powered pump connected to back up water supply, and perhaps a roof-mounted sprinkler system to increase their preparedness.

Honda's extensive range of advanced four-stroke power equipment including lawnmowers, brushcutters, generators, pumps, leaf blowers and hedgecutters can assist any home or property owner with fire season preparations.

According to Honda Power Equipment, a few hours spent now to prepare the property, is a small price to pay to dramatically minimise the fire threat.

To reduce fire risk, it is important to get the maintenance underway now, before temperatures get even higher and conditions become more volatile.

Honda's lawnmower and brushcutter ranges are designed for Australian conditions and will make the task of fire preparedness a lot more manageable.

Honda Power Equipment’s dedicated four-stroke products eliminate the hassle of mixing fuel and oil, and have an enviable reputation for reliability, longevity and easy-starting, even in the demanding of conditions.

For properties with access to water from a dam, river, or rainwater tank, a Honda-powered firefighting pump could be invaluable in a crisis, delivering a strong flow of water for any outbreaks.

Depending on the particular pump model, water volumes of up to 2100 litres per minute can be directed at a blaze.

The engines are designed to provide stable power, and whether coupled to Honda's own pumps or the wide selection of Australian manufactured units on the market, can be relied upon to start first time should the worst case scenario occur.

A generator is also a wise investment, as power is often interrupted during emergencies.

Honda's generator range begins with the 700 watt AC, 12 volt / 6 amp DC, EX7, extends through the popular EU10i, 20i and 30i, EM50is and 70is inverter range to the high capacity, water-cooled EX5500 with 5500 watt output.

According to Honda Power Equipment, many firefighting organisations around Australia use Honda generators to provide electricity to mobile communication units and staging areas.

All equipment should be fuelled and stored in a safe, accessible place ready for use just in case, but of course a thorough clean-up will reduce the likelihood of having to use such equipment.

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