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Honda Power Equipment introduces customer survey

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Honda Power Equipment is aiming to achieve even greater levels of customer satisfaction through the introduction of a new customer survey, following Honda purchases.

The survey provides customers with the opportunity to rate their experience at point of purchase.

Dealership experience is rated in terms of satisfaction, not only with the sales staff, but also their presentation, as well as dealership parking and stock displays, to name just a few.

The survey also allows customers to provide feedback in relation to preferred attributes of Honda products, providing invaluable feedback to assess customer needs and tailor product development.

Seven performance criteria are evaluated covering customer importance, including: starting ease, quietness, ease of use, durability, fuel efficiency, environmental friendliness and lack of fuel mixing.

According to Honda Power Equipment Manager Bob Donaldson, providing the surveys is testament to Honda's dedication to customer satisfaction.

"Honda is continually striving for improvement, and the surveys afford us the opportunity to gain invaluable insight into customers' experiences," he said.

"It also lets the customers know that we are interested in their experiences and we are continually working towards meeting their needs.

"The research will be used to identify what we are doing well, and which dealerships deserve recognition, as well as any areas in which we may need to improve.

"It will also be useful to determine what customers are looking for in terms of product performance and benefits, enabling us to further refine our product range."

Honda's survey also captures important information regarding customer demographics, and their product requirements, enabling them to more accurately target customer offers and promotions.

"Honda is not content to simply meet its customer expectations, we aim to exceed them," Mr Donaldson said.

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