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HHB25 Blower with advanced mini four-stroke GX25 engine available from Honda MPE

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Whether used for the upkeep of contemporary outdoor public spaces such as parks or plazas, or for maintaining the professional appearance of offices in urban areas, the requirement for quiet and efficient power products is at the forefront of garden contractors' purchasing decisions.

Featuring Honda MPE 's advanced mini four-stroke GX25 engine, the HHB25 Blower is different from the traditional and noisy two-stroke blowers cluttering the market.

Honda MPE's advanced four-stroke technology also eliminates the mess and time taken to mix oil and petrol thereby offering high fuel efficiency, reduced exhaust emissions and minimal vibration, compared to the two-stroke equipment.

The HHB25 Blower is also 360 degree-inclinable and suitable for various conditions from flat ground to undulating embankments.

Previously working as a garden contractor and landscape designer for television shows 'Burke's Backyard' and 'Backyard Blitz', Brendan Lewis decided to start his own landscaping business eight years ago, a considerable shift from his prior occupation as a researcher.

Working on esteemed heritage listed properties such as Bronte House in south Sydney and various high profile projects for television and wealthy garden enthusiasts, the operation of reliable, efficient and quiet power equipment has been crucial to the success of Lewis' business.

A lot of the projects worked by him are not similar to the average suburban garden bed or yard. He usually builds gardens from scratch, which includes the construction of walls, ponds and features.

Lewis often works in built up areas and in many affluent suburbs and also ensures that minimal disturbance is caused to the neighbouring properties. Lewis and his team have used the Honda MPE’s HHB25 Blower.

According to Lewis, the most important features of this blower is the mini four-stroke engine's 'first time start' reputation, ergonomic design and robustness. Also, this blower can be used at any angle. Smooth operation and ergonomic design of the HHB25 Blower have also enabled his business to maximise efficiency and comply with OH&S standards.

The Honda four-stroke engine's smooth operation does not leave with a tingling sensation and fatigue in the arms and hands like the two-strokes. The unique isolation rubber mount and cushioning elastomer grip on the Honda Blower provides comfort even to inexperienced users, minimising downtime by enabling operators with any build or physique to easily use the blower.

Townsville's Knockabout Services Proprietor, Ken Brassington is another convert to the Honda Blower. According to Brassington, the Honda HHB25 Blower is an important part of his equipment list seeing frequent use in all sorts of conditions.

The HHB25 Blower gets about 10 to 15 hours of use on average a week and only uses about two to three litres of fuel, considerably more efficient than two-strokes. One of the main advantages of the four-stroke is the fact that there is no need to carry two different kinds of fuel. This blower also does not emit smoke.

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