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Couple makes a big round Australia trip five times with Honda generator

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article image Kevin and Nancy Davis made a big round Australia trip five times with Honda generator

Many travellers would be content to do the big round Australia trip once in a lifetime, but retirees Kevin and Nancy Davis have accomplished this five times, along with regularly crisscrossing the nation to visit family.

Based in Geraldton WA, the couple is normally on the road between six and eight months of the year and make the long journey to visit their son in Bendigo, central Victoria, along with several friends on the east coast at least once a year.

Preferring to pull their motorhome up at camping grounds away from the often cluttered caravan parks, Kevin and Nancy's EU10i Honda generator is an important and long-serving item on the equipment list.

Having bought the generator about five years ago, it amassed a massive 12,796 hours of service before nearing the end of its long life near Swan Hill, on the couple's most recent trip to Bendigo.

"I'm very pleased at the longevity of the Honda generator," Kevin said. "When on the road it would often run for up to 14 hours per day.

"We'd use it to power two Engel fridges, a toaster, an electric frying pan, and for lighting in the evening. Life on the road does not mean you have to go without – we even have a breadmaker that we also use."

When back at home in Geraldton, the versatile generator was also utilised for a variety of tasks.

"We live on a 12 acre block and although it is connected to mains electricity, we do have a few power drop outs from time to time," Kevin said.

"The generator was also extremely handy for running power tools and equipment around the block."

A self-taught motor mechanic, Kevin used to run and service a fleet of 11 trucks, and has applied his mechanical knowledge to perform regular servicing on the generator, a key to its outstanding performance.

"I would service the generator about once a week or every 100 hours depending on the use," he said. "This involves cleaning or replacing the air and fuel filters as needed, and changing the oil, of which I only ever use Honda's own oil."

After many years of travelling Australia, Kevin has come to the conclusion that there are plenty of folk on the road that use Honda generators because of their reliability, low running costs and quiet operation.

"Over the last two or three years in particular, I've noticed that many travellers who we meet on the road are also using Honda generators," Kevin said.

"Our bed is located at the rear of the motorhome and the generator is fitted to a trailer that we tow, and even being this close to where we sleep, the noise is never a problem.

"Fuel use is also very low - depending on the application we can get around 13 hours of continuous use."

When the couple's original EU10i did eventually begin to falter, it was quickly replaced with another upon arrival at Bendigo; they even received a trade-in for it from Bendigo dealership, Elliot Brothers, who were amazed with its outstanding performance.

With Kevin and Nancy's next trip scheduled for this month, and likely to be followed shortly afterwards by another east coast sojourn, their new Honda generator has a lot to live up to, but with caring owners and Kevin's strict preventative maintenance schedule, the hours are already clocking up.

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