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Classic lawnmowers and blowers available from Honda Power Equipment

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After a turn of bad luck saw the local garage shut its doors, the once motor mechanic, Percy Thurlow, threw in his oily overalls to try his hand at contract gardening and has never looked back.

Seeking a change in pace from working under the bonnet of a car, Percy decided to pursue his once weekend hobby in the garden, quickly establishing himself as a green thumb and wooing the locals in the process with his top-class job.

Earning a solid client base through old fashioned word-of-mouth, Percy's reputation has kept him in business for the past 30 years.

"I initially worked part-time and generated business through word-of-mouth. I never really did any promotion, I only have the odd business card that I hand out to new customers," he said.

Nowadays, his self-titled and solely run garden services are keeping him busier than ever.

"I've got a good name around here; I'm going all the time," he said," you'll never catch me at home."

With services ranging from lawnmowing, pruning and landscaping, to cleaning gutters, weeding and general yard duties, Percy has the Deniliquin area well covered.

Backing up his reputation for pristine lawns and manicured hedges is a complete Honda garden care product range, which features four buffalo lawnmowers, two brushcutters and a blower.

"I used to use another brand of mower and had a lot of trouble with them breaking down and falling to pieces," he said.

"I tried a Honda on the dealer's advice and have never looked back - I've switched to Honda across the range and have had no trouble at all."

Operating two Honda buffalo HRU196 classic mowers and Honda buffalo bull mulch and catch with advanced four- stroke engines, there are time and money savings to be had, according to Percy.

"I find Honda is the best mower on the market, especially with no oil and petrol mixing, and they are very good on fuel," Percy said.

For tough jobs, Percy uses a self-propelled HRU216D classic, which is ideal for larger and more demanding grass areas, featuring Honda's proven GXV160 OHV/OHC engine with durable cast-iron bore.

The 21 inch cut rustproof aluminium deck and 73 litre Dacron grass catcher also means less stopping, which saves Percy time allowing him to get onto the next job.

Also on hand is the Honda UMK425 brushcutter and the HHB25 blower, adding the finishing touches to garden edges and hedges.

Both feature mini four-stroke engines which produce less noise and vibration than their two-stroke counterparts and offer improved ease of use and operator comfort, a prime consideration for Percy's one man show.

"Honda just makes it really easy and they never break down, the Honda doesn't fall to pieces," he said.

Despite admitting his products have a long life span, Percy prefers to upgrade every two years selling his second hand Honda products.

"I keep the products for up to two years and then sell them, they have a really good resale value, so it works out well for me," Percy said.

With no thoughts of expansion or franchising, Percy is happily settled, favouring his life outdoors in the sun, than his days with a wrench in the garage.

The Honda buffalo HRU196 classic lawnmowers are available from Honda Power Equipment.

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