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Holman Engineering offers car park guidance systems and master clocks

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Holman Engineering  specialises in developing software and manufactures and designs electronic products. The focus of Holman Engineering lies in microprocessors, electronics, software and the manufacture and development of control equipment.

Areas of speciality of Holman Engineering include designing, development and manufacture of electronic equipment, development of software, both embedded and PC based.

The products offered by Holman Engineering include controllers, handsets, digital voice announcer, passenger information systems, paging systems, electronic signs, sports timing, clocks, carpark management systems and carpark guidance systems.

Carpark Guidance Systems advise patrons on the number of parking spaces available in the zones or sub zones of a car park. Permanent, semi permanent and casual parkers in a carpark are managed by Carpark Management Systems.

Clocks offered by Holman Engineering include master clocks, digital and analogue clocks.

Holman Engineering offers custom microprocessor based and PC based controllers. Digital Voice Announcement System is an announcement software that is PC based through which one can send CD quality audio to 8 zones simultaneously.

Holman Engineering Handsets also designs and manufactures different types of handsets. Passenger information systems provide commuters with information which are up to date through digital voice announcements and electronic signage.

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