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Adhesives no longer one-size-fits-all

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The latest developments in adhesive solutions are opening up new application, according to Harald Schaaf of Holdtite Australia , who says it’s no longer a case of having to bolt or weld to fasten materials.

“It’s now possible to join a new range of surface combinations with the adhesives – not just metal and rubber, but composite materials such as carbon fibre,” Schaaf told Australian Mining.

New alternatives in adhesives can benefit the mining industry, says Schaaf, by doing away with the need to weld.

“We’ve been providing solutions to mine sites that are hesitant about welding because of sparks and health and safety issues.”

Adhesive strength, adds Holdtite Australia general manager for Australian operations Bruce Norman, can join materials like rubber, aluminium, steel to aluminium or copper to aluminium.

“In the UK with some of these structural bonds available, pergolas and verandas are being put together now with glue and clamps – no drilling, pot riveting or screwing required.

A greater variety of adhesive solutions, says Schaaf, means greater flexibility in solutions on offer.

“If an end-user likes a product, but says it sets too quickly or too slowly we can mix and make adhesive combinations to suit,” Norman said.

“For example, an end-user in Queensland was using a competitor product to ours, but found it too thick.

“We provided an alternative but it was too thin, so we got in touch with our manufacturer in the UK and developed a custom solution.

“No longer is the customer locked into buying one product,” says Schaaf.

Norman adds that the company's UK based-products offer a higher quality than similar products from Asia and can be developed to suit what the customer needs. “All products are quality endorsed and undergo rigorous testing,” he said.

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