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Hoisting Services offers pneumatic manipulators and vacuum lifters

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Pneumatic Manipulators offered by Hoisting Services have been designed for precision handling of loads up to four hundred and eighty kilograms. Pneumatic Manipulators are particularly ideal for lifting and moving overhanging loads with a working radius up to 3.2m. According to the specific requirements related to handling, one can use various types of control.

Hoisting Services offers Pneumatic Manipulators which have various characteristics and sizes. The key characteristics of Pneumatic Manipulators include the need of a single operator to use it and even with overhang loads the functioning of manipulators are safe, simple and versatile.

One can use Pneumatic Manipulators magnetic, pneumo-mechanical, vacuum and gravity handling attachments. Wide range of installation is possible in Pneumatic Manipulators such as column type, fixed position, column type, with forkliftable base, suspended, fixed position and suspended, sliding on rails which can be either motorised or pushed.

There are different types of vacuum lifters offered by Hoisting Services that include mechanical vacuum lifters, vacuum sheet lifters and vacuum tube lifters. The mechanical vacuum lifters do not rely on outside controls, plant power or complex accessories. These are self-contained units creating their own vacuum mechanically which makes them more versatile.

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