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Industrial automation products from Hitech Control Systems

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Hitech Control Systems  specialises in distributing SIEMENS hardware and software industrial automation products. The products distributed to SIEMENS by Hitech Control Systems include operator panels, SCADA systems, power supplies, profibus networks, programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives and AAS interface networks.

The programmable logic controllers distributed by Hitech Control Systems to SIEMENS are available in wide ranges including S7 200, S7 300, S7 400, S5, TI 505 PLC systems. Logo controllers from Hitech Control Systems include Logo starter kit which consists of softcomfort V3.0 programming software, manuals on CD, PC cable for downloading the program. Logo 24 works on digital inputs 8 x 24 VDC and digital output 4 x transistors current.

Operator panels are also distributed to SIEMENS from Hitech Control Systems including push button panels, mobile panels, multi panels, micro panels, MOBIC T8, SIMATIC C7 and HMI accessories. Micromaster 4 VSDs are also distributed by Hitech Control Systems. Profibus modules are available in various types including ET 200 S, ET 200 ISP, and ET 200 pro and so on. ET200 S includes interface modules with integrated CPU, reserve modules, digital electronic modules.

Engineering projects are carried out and completed by Hitech Control Systems in various industries covering electrical design, project management and PLC programming. These projects are carried out by qualified professionals and Hitech Control Systems has set standard for developing SCADA and PLC program.

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