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First Hitachi hybrid excavators hit Australia

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Hitachi has delivered its first hybrid excavators to two Australian contractors simultaneously.

The excavators are a major step forward for the machinery manufacturer, and according to the company "these hybrid excavators represent decades of innovation, research and development in hydraulic, electric, and battery-powered excavator technologies".

The shift towards hybrid technology has been seen for years in the automotive sector, and over the last five years ha sbecome increasingly popular within the earthmoving sector.
The two new excavators are equipped with a TRIAS-HX hybrid system that combines Hitachi's newly developed large capacity tri-pump control valve hydraulic and hybrid systems.

In a similar fashion to Komatsu's hybrid excavator, Hitachi's vehicles use the electric hybrid technology in conjunction with swing momentum to regenerate energy, which aids in cutting fuel consumption.

However "this combination of regenerated electric power and hydraulic power to the swing motor is an exclusive feature to Hitachi," it stated.

In comparison to its standard ZX200-3 excavator, which features two pumps and two control valves, the new TRIAS-HX hybrid system provides increased performance, responsive operation and energy savings.

Generating 165 horsepower, the ZH210-A and ZH210LC-A models both utilise a four cylinder Isuzu diesel engine to provide more fuel reductions and higher productivity to miners in the 20 tonne excavator class.

According to Hitachi,this cut in fuel usage represents and annual reduction in CO2 emissions of nearly ten tonnes compared to its non-hybrid ZX200-3.

The two Hitachi ZH210 hybrid machines were delivered to Duke Contracting, on the east coast and Reilly Contractors on the west coast.

Hitachi stated that the delivery was a significant one, as not only are they the first for Australia,but also the first hybrid excavators delivered outside of Japan.

“Demand for fuel-efficiency and environmental considerations will grow the ‘green’ earthmoving equipment segment. Our Hybrid excavators feature the exclusive TRIAS-HX system, which utilises a combination of regenerated electric and hydraulic power with swing momentum. This system ticks both boxes," Scott Smith, the national product manager for excavators at HCA, said.

Reilly Contractors’ director, Mike Reilly,said "the hybrid represents the way the industry needs to go in the future—it’s about being ‘greener’ and mindful of our carbon footprint and ultimately the opportunity of saving fuel. The savings from lower fuel consumption go straight back to rewarding and retaining our people and the client.

"The new hybrid has already exceeded our fuel-saving expectations. Our operators support our decision to head in this direction—they see the Hybrid as a good thing. As a group, we are encouraged and excited about the future of Hybrid machines and welcome the release of a larger machine with the same percentage fuel savings as the 20 tonner."


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