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HITACHI Australia has introduced a new high brightness 3.5” 1/4 VGA TFT display module, the TX09D70.

Following in the footsteps of Hitachi's successful range of 3.5” 1/4 VGA TFTs, the new TX09D70 gives customers a 22% increase in brightness over previous models.

Delivering 430cd/m2, it is ideal for outdoor and high ambient light environments, including applications such as portable handheld and GPS devices.

The new module achieves an increase in brightness without the need to increase power consumption and is electrically and mechanically compatible with all of Hitachi's previous 3.5” 1/4 VGA TFT modules.

The TX09D70 uses a new 'transmissive with micro-reflectance' technology (TMR) to produce a more efficient backlighting system and enhanced outdoor display performance. This produces a higher display brightness with no required increase in power consumption.

With a 240(w) X 320(h) resolution, the portrait display module offers 262,000 colours and is suitable for products such as handheld personal devices, portable instruments, bespoke data loggers and measurement devices.

Offering a highly compact form factor, the TX09D70VM1 measures just 64.0mm x 86.0mm x 4mm.

The panel produces crisp and detailed colour images that allow for the presentation of clear information and bright colours.

Using chip-on-glass technology and a white LED backlight, the transmissive TX09D70 is highly robust and delivers highly saturated colour reproduction. It is also available with touchscreen functionality.

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