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Linux solution for 2G and 3G mobile phones

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RENESAS Technology, represented by Hitachi Australia , and Wipro Technologies have announced that they have ported Wipro's AQUA - a Linux-based mobile phone reference framework - onto Renesas' SH-Mobile Series application processors for 2.5G and 3G mobile phones.

This enables mobile phone manufacturers to utilise Linux solution for SH-Mobile, in addition to solutions for Symbian OS and iTRON. Renesas Technology will propose Linux solution based on AQUA from January 2006.

Linux is an open source and general-purpose operating system including sophisticated multitasking and networking functionality. Linux is becoming widely adopted as an embedded OS in communication equipment such as network servers and network terminals.

Many mobile phones incorporate real time operating systems (RTOS) due to features such as speed and modest memory utilisation. However, it costs more to develop applications, thereby fueling the adoption of Linux which has rich applications.

As Linux has a large-scale standard framework and was designed as a general-purpose OS for PCs, it has faced challenges to customize optimally for mobile phones. Also software specialised for mobile phone needs to be developed for Linux.

Wipro Technologies, one of the world's largest R&D service providers with expertise in developing applications for Linux, has developed AQUA and ported onto SH-Mobile to solve these problems. AQUA is a reference framework designed to be compact for mobile phones, having rich applications.

Customers willing to use the AQUA platform can significantly reduce the burden of software development for mobile phones embedding SH-Mobile. Customers will also be provided with system integration services including Linux kernel and applications from Wipro.

Renesas Technology and Wipro will work together to provide Linux-users with mobile phone solutions as well as solutions for consumer products in the future.

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