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RENESAS Technology, represented by Hitachi , has announced the R2S15500SP audio multiplex decoder chip for NICAM/A2 audio multiplex systems used in TV broadcasting in Europe and Asia. Sample shipments will begin in December 2006 in Japan.

The R2S15500SP converts an audio multiplexed SIF (sound intermediate frequency) signal from a tuner to digital data with an A/D converter, performs processing, and outputs a demodulated audio signal.

The R2S15500SP offers the following main features.

Support for audio multiplex systems in Europe and Asia

The R2S15500SP supports NICAM/A2/FM monaural/AM monaural audio multiplex signals, enabling demodulation of audio multiplex broadcasting such as stereo and bilingual broadcasts in various regions of Europe and Asia.

Small low-pin-count package

A small 24-pin SSOP package is used, enabling the board area to be reduced. This package is also suitable for tuner packs and so forth that require a small mounting area.

Support for both analogue and digital interfaces

The R2S15500SP incorporates a digital interface and a delta-sigma type D/A converter, enabling a digital demodulated audio signal to be output as either a digital signal or an analogue signal. This digital interface not only handles output, but by inputting an I2S/MSB-first left-justified/ MSB-first right-justified format digital signal, also enables analogue output by means of the on-chip delta-sigma type D/A converter.

By this means, analogue signals and digital signals can be supported for both input and output, allowing flexible adaptation to system specifications.

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