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Heating elements from Hislop and Barley

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Hislop and Barley  is a manufacturer of heating elements. Hislop and Barley is active in the import of electrical engineering and heating elements, and servicing and contracting. Hislop and Barley offers products such as the HIBAR, TEMPCO, ELSTEIN-WERK, GEFRAN and Sensortech. Hislop and Barley custom designs Sensortech thermocouples and sensors. Hislop and Barley is an agent for New Zealand, supplying leading brands for the element and heating industry. Hislop and Barley also offers a diverse range of electrical related services.

Over time, Hislop and Barley came to be known as the manufacturer of the HIBAR heating equipment range. The HIBAR industrial heating elements from Hislop and Barley include products such as duct heaters, cast elements, heater bands, open spiral, cartridges and customised thermocouples. Hislop and Barley also stocks ELSTEIN ceramic radiators, TEMPCO fire-rods and HIBAR range of elements. Hislop and Barley also offers a wide range of TEMPCO speciality elements in the form of cartridges and cables.

GEFRAN is a manufacturer of industrial and electronic controls, based in Italy. Hislop and Barley provides GEFRAN temperature controllers, which range anywhere between 400, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 units as per the client’s system requirements.

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