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Ducted vacuum system from Hills District Alarms & Intercom Systems

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Hills District Alarms & Intercom Systems  supplies the cyclic ducted vacuum system, which is designed and manufactured in Australia. The ducted vacuum system is an improvement over the conventional vacuum system, as conveniently located inlet valves ensure that a portable cleaner need no longer be dragged from room to room. All that needs to be done is to insert the flexible hose to automatically start the machine.

A ducted vacuum system is the most effective way of getting rid of the dust, dirt and allergy causing particles from living spaces. It is especially convenient for asthmatic people as there will be fewer irritants in the atmosphere after using a ducted vacuum system.

To install the ducted vacuum, Hills District Alarms & Intercom Systems, recommends that the distance from the spot where the Ducted Vacuum Machine is to be located, to the first inlet point is to be calculated. Then, distance of the second point from the first and so on till the total length of the PVC pipe required is arrived at. This is required to be done within a 5 meter accuracy level.

The ducted vacuum system supplied by Hills District Alarms & Intercom Systems comes with a choice of a variety of disposable bag, pipe length and hose kits.

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