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Industrial vacuum cleaners available from Highveld

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A clean and tidy work environment is not only safe but it improves workers morale and efficiency.

Oil and dry metal fragments will need different methods for quick pick-up.

Slurry and fine powders behave differently under suction and should be treated differently when selecting a vacuum system.

Send Highveld a sample of the waste for a solution. Vacuum cleaners tailor-made for the waste could be suitable.

An industrial vacuum cleaner that has no moving parts which is robust and reliable is available from Highveld.

They are reliable with hardly any maintenance required. It can also be inherently safe as there are no electrical parts in it and Highveld uses anti-static materials.

One’s own drums, lids, hoses, wands and other ancillary parts can also be added. Own colours with own logo can be painted on the drum.

Flexibility of this vacuum system:

Fill one drum, remove the lid, place it on a new empty drum and keep going without having to stop to empty the full drum. The reverse pulse system can be used to clean the pre-filters without having to open the vacuum cleaner.

Highveld’s larger industrial vacuum cleaners can lift water vertically up to 7 meters. It may just do that cleaning job that is now done the hard and slow way.

Highveld’s industrial vacuum cleaner can clean the oil spills on factory floor, the fine dust under a conveyer and the dirty water after a wash down or pieces of plastic or metal.

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