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Warehouse management system from Highjump Software

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The warehouse management system offered by Highjump Software optimises the distribution work from raw materials to finished goods. Highjump Software offers advanced warehouse management solutions to mange the most complex distribution environments. The powerful warehouse management from Highjump Software system helps to entrust accurate and fast fulfillment through optimised workflow and by utilising the advanced bar code and wireless technologies that include radio frequency. Wave planning, slotting and containerisation drives further efficiencies to the warehouse management system.

The warehouse management system offered by Highjump Software executes strategic processes such as put-awayflow-through, order processing, inventory management, receiving, loading, replenishment/pack/pick and shipping. Warehouse management system also features radio frequency enablement that includes compliance and other key processes.

Highjump Software leverages the state-of-the-art technology to deliver functionality that requires to be maximising the operational efficiency and increase the throughput that will result in cost reductions and significantly improve the bottom line. By combining the unique flexible architecture and robust functionality, Highjump Software's warehouse management system enables to achieve demanding and dynamic business environment.

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