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ERP data collection from Highjump Software

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The various services provided by Highjump Software include supplier enablement solution, ERP data collection, manufacturing execution, warehouse management, transportation management and delivery management. The ERP data collection service is provided to warehouses and shop floors.

ERP data collection services provided to shop floors by Highjump Software improves the shop floor processes. The data collection solution maximises the visibility and flexibility of the business. The powerful application of data collection solution from Highjump Software helps to take the ERP to next level through streamlining and automating manufacturing data collection. The data collection solution offered by Highjump Software provides visibility into core areas such as work order status, material availability and on-line shipments.

The data collection solution offered by Highjump Software gives the benefit of user interface tailored to extensive material genealogy and shop floor environment. It also provides work order performance such as scarp levels and output levels. The customer can access to a comprehensive labour performance analytics and reporting by individuals and teams and support customer specific labelling requirements. The manufacturing advantage of Highjump Software is a full-featured manufacturing execution system helping to deal with advanced production environments and challenges.

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