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Glove boxes and Liquid nitrogen traps from High Vacuum Technologies

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High Vacuum Technologies  have benn manufacturing products needed for laboratory purposes.Two such products which are produced are Glove boxes and Liquid nitrogen traps.

Glove boxes from High Vacuum Technologies are made from aluminium and stainless steel materials and are used by reserach scholars in research institutes while processing water and oxygen reactive matrials.Stainless steel and aluminium glove boxes are manufactured in such a way that it can be used in CSIRO research centers by using light weight titanium and magnesium alloys.Lithium batteries are also used in making glove boxes.

Glove boxes designed with anti chambers which helps in easy transfer of nitrogen,helium gases while going out and while entering inside the lab.The purity of gas can be checked with help of gas scrubs present inside the system.

High vacuum glove boxes can be used for welding of magnesium and titanium with laser and glove box is checked for helium leak test.

Liquid nitrogen traps from High vacuum technologies prevents the entry of vacuum while pumping into the system.A complete and permanent solution is given when water is trapped by liquid nitogen cooled stainless steel.

This liquid nitrogen is trapped inside vent tube and gets filled automatically.once the vacuum is isolated the top trap layer is separated and cleaned.These traps are tested for helium leakage.

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