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Arc stud welding from High Speed Fastening

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High Speed Fastening  offers arc stud welding and capacity discharge welding services to the customers. The arc stud welding system involves the metallurgical and basic principles as used in any other welding procedure. The weld gun of High Speed Fastening lifts the stud a short distance from base metal. It also initiates the controlled electric arc from power source that melts the end of stud and a portion of base metal.

The ceramic ferrule used in the stud welding process offered by High Speed Fastening contains molten metal into which the stud is thrust automatically. Through ceramic ferrule, a high quality fusion weld is accomplished in which the weld is stronger much than the stud.

Arc stud welding offered by High Speed Fastening is generally used to weld thick base metals and large diameter studs. Arc studs offered by High Speed Fastening are available in almost any shapes. The stud is made of weldable materials, stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. These studs serve as an applicable material for arc stud welding. In stud welding, the arc is briefly struck between the face of stud and work piece and both of the parts start to melt joining with each other under pressure.

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