High Speed Fastening

Stud welding equipment, wear studs, sheer connectors, studs and pins.


Supplier news
01/04/08 - Capacity discharge stud welding and arc stud welding are the two types of stud welding systems offered by High Speed Fastening. Capacity discharge stud welding uses the same metallurgical aspects and basic principles as used in any other welding proc
Supplier news
31/03/08 - High Speed Fastening offers arc stud welding and capacity discharge welding services to the customers. The arc stud welding system involves the metallurgical and basic principles as used in any other welding procedure.
Supplier news
28/03/08 - High Speed Fastening, started in the year 1995 provides stud welding services to the manufacturing industries. The qualified staffs of High Speed Fastening have many years of experience in welding industry that includes ship building, construction, o

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A.V.T. Antiwear Tech AVT- Wearstuds HBS Hematic Bolzen Schweissysteme Hilbig Hilbig Schweisstechnik KOCO Koester & Co Renner Renner Compressors Screwcompressors

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