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Hidden Camera Surveillance Services  offers the QH-CAR400 number plate recognition traffic cameras designed for day and night surveillance applications.  

Plate recognition cameras or license plate recognition cameras are designed to see or read a license plate at night. The main function of the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras is to read a number plate regardless of whether the vehicle in question has the headlights on or not.

Whilst the ANPR cameras can be used as normal colour surveillance cameras by day, their key function is to read number plates clearly at night.  

Most CCTV cameras can see a license plate during the day but are unable to do so at night. Number plate recognition cameras are more commonplace today and can be easily integrated into most digital video recording (DVR) systems.

The ANPR camera is similar in appearance to most IR-type cameras but with more powerful features.  

During the day it can see and record in colour while at night, the ANPR will auto switch to B/W mode and read licence plates even with the headlights off in the vehicle.

Number plate recognition cameras filter bright lights (including high beam car headlights) and allow for a reflection from the number plate. The vehicle number plate will virtually be illuminated by the plate recognition camera’s built-in IRs (infra-red LEDs).  

The ANPR camera should ideally be installed at a lower level. Distance from car to camera is also a key factor.  

Number plate recognition cameras are available in medium and high resolution Sony CCD with a range of lenses from 6mm to 25mm. The 6mm lens will offer a wider view and is ideal for vehicles up to 6m from the camera.

Beyond 6m one needs to consider a more powerful or telescopic lens such as the 12mm or 16mm.

It is important to aim the ANPR camera at the desired zone so that recorded images do not have to be enhanced to be read.

The vehicle speed approaching or leaving the ANPR is also fundamentally important. Ideally the camera needs to be positioned in an area where the vehicle will be at its slowest or stationary point such as boom gates, speed humps, auto garage doors and gates.

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