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New version surveillance camera available from Hidden Camera Surveillance

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Xtern-Cam is a surveillance camera with inbuilt digital image recording function, integrated night vision and extraordinary long battery life for rugged outdoor applications.

The Xtern-Cam is a bundled product consisting of a Digilant standalone surveillance camera with on-board motion sensor, internal extra-high capacity battery, inbuilt synchronised infra-red spotlight, remote control, 2GB memory card, card reader, battery charger and PC configuration software.

The camera captures high-resolution black and white images when motion is detected and stores them onto a removable memory card for easy viewing on a computer or PDA.

During daylight hours, a light sensor automatically disables the Infra-red spotlight to conserve battery power.

The camera can be externally triggered from a gate or door opening, and can also be connected to a third party security system.

Using its internal compact battery, Xtern-Cam can operate for up to 18 weeks (4 ½ months) in standby mode and if for example, it takes 200 photos per night, every night of the week, the battery will still power both the camera and synchronised IR spotlight for around 11 weeks.

The camera can store up to 65,000 VGA images and will optionally overwrite old images when the memory card is full for set and forget operation.

Xtern-Cam is a battery operated device. However, it can also be connected to an external power source either a 12VDC plug pack or a solar panel to recharge the battery while not in operation.


  • Unique standalone outdoor video-based surveillance camera
  • Operates independently for up to 18 weeks on its internal XHCB battery
  • B and W camera with inbuilt synchronised IR spotlight for night vision
  • Motion activated
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Rugged polycarbonate case (IP65) for harsh outdoor environments
  • Customised image-capture sequence and image encryption
  • Time and date stamped images with programmable text overlay
  • Flexible scheduler for independent arming and disarming of camera
  • Digital signature including camera ID, within each image for integrity verification
  • Optional solar panel
  • Ideal to monitor farm gates and sheds, wildlife and livestock, remote fuel tanks and homes (external)

The Xtern-Cam surveillance camera is available from Hidden Camera Surveillance.

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